The WEF as a discourse-shaping organisation holds an enormous responsibility in international politics. Especially in international climate policy. A body that promotes international dialogue and facilitates cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organisations is urgently needed. But the WEF does not live up to its own claims. By tolerating members who are contemptuous of the climate, the environment and human rights, they provide a space and a stage for those who willfully destroy our future to spread falsehoods, prevent progress and continue to do business at the expense of human lives. 

We demand that the WEF becomes what it promises to be. An organisation for the common good. We demand that no new memberships are granted by the WEF to partners without a science-based strategy on how to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement and proof of its implementation and that all partners already involved, on pain of expulsion, present such a strategy at the Annual Meeting ’23 at the latest.


The WEF likes to position itself as a pioneer, trailblazer and trend-setter in the economic world, but with the concept of ‘stakeholder capitalism’ it pursues a goal that hardly deviates from the status quo. A goal that continues to accept the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants.

We demand that the WEF becomes aware of the socio-economic reality of the climate crisis and recognise that it cannot be solved within the system that created it. We demand that the WEF leaves behind the empty, meaningless words of its illusory utopias and finally puts its money where its mouth is. We demand, in concrete terms, that the WEF reorientates itself, lives up to its claims as an innovator of economic theories, and that it explores promising concepts such as ‘degrowth’ and the ‘doghnut economy’ in connection with a socially just economy in greater depth – and puts them on the world stage. 


In the face of a failing international climate policy, a failed COP and a greenwashing-soaked WEF, the question is how to overcome the status quo of blinding, obstructive and slow international cooperation. 

We call for a rethink in international climate policy, first and foremost the UNFCCC bodies and the WEF. As of yesterday, we need answers to the questions of how we as a global community can deal with this crisis, how companies and states can be held accountable, and how the Global North can live up to its historical, current and future responsibilities towards MAPA. This responsibility inevitably includes the inclusion of people from the regions most affected by the climate crisis at all events and in all bodies.


Davos, Graubünden and Switzerland, as hosts and financial backers of the WEF Annual Meeting, but also as the home of the organisation, have a great responsibility with regard to the handling of these locations, the accordance of the mutual values and the handling of finances and means of support. All parties involved are not living up to this responsibility, especially in the second and third points. 

We demand that all governments, government apparatuses and authorities addressed withdraw all support from the WEF and its sister or subsidiary organisations until the demands have been met.


* other actors, incomplete